How then shall we live?

When Jesus and the disciples encounter the man born blind, the disciples asked, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” They think that his blindness was a result of God’s judgment and punishment. This thinking often prevails to this day. In natural disaster, such as the earth quake and tsunami that recently hit Japan, many see the hand of a holy God that demands retribution for the sin of a people. But who is without sin? Only Jesus was tempted and sinned not. And how is this idea reconcilable with a God who loves us so that he took human form to die that we might have everlasting life. Is our harsh judgment of others a way that we seek to distant ourselves from the reality of suffering and the avoidance of truth? How can we live in joy and peace within the unpredictability of life?

Musing Toward Sunday

We continue on our journey through Lent as we visit with the third of four individuals who have an encounter with Jesus in our lectionary readings. One was a noted religious leader, Nicodemus, who could not understand a scriptural metaphor nor receive the new insight that Jesus revealed. It required a change to his comfortable and prominent status quo. Last week we met a woman of Samaria who was in many ways his complete opposite. She was able to accept by faith that which she still did not understand because of the truth she did acknowledge. This week we will visit with one who will stand up to the religious leaders and social elite turning their very words back to them in satirical parody. One who once begged for their coins holds his own in unwavering rebuttal of their denial of a reality not yet understood. Where are you in the story?


Welcome to Mid-week with Pastor Ida. Life is a journey into the unknown. As Christians we are committed by grace to follow Jesus Christ our Lord. It is a journey that brings us together to worship on Sundays and sends us out into the world to love and serve one another in challenging and joyful places.

This mid-week blog is a place where we can visit in those in between spaces, a place to consider the council of Scripture that we will explore together on Sunday. Each week I will enter a little nugget to guide your reflections on the liturgical readings for the week. I invite you to pose your questions and thoughts as we journey toward Sunday. May God nourish and guide you, by the empowerment and illumination of the Holy Spirit that we might glorify God in all that we do and say.