Easter Season

Easter season continues for another five weeks as we walk with the disciples in their witness of the resurrected Christ. Luke’s account of Jesus address the fears and doubts of those early disciples. It is not a common every day occurrence for someone to return from the grave. Jesus invites them to come touch and see, that he is flesh and bones. He asks them to bring him something to eat so that they can bear witness to the reality of his resurrection. This was no risen cadaver no immortal disembodied spirit.

This was the risen glorified Christ. But it was only when Jesus opened their minds to understand the scriptures and all that was foretold about him that faith was born. It is still through the hearing of the Word of God, recorded in Holy Scriptures, and the experience of an encounter with the risen Christ, by the illumination of the Holy Spirit, that faith is born. Come taste and see how wonderful is the Lord.