Gone Fishing

The children of our Sunday School together with enthusiastic adults look forward every year to a day of fun and fishing on the waters. This year the excursion took us out to sea in rocky waters. Nevertheless, there was laughter and excitement as we cheer each fish that was caught and sent back to sea. It’s not easy to get the big ones. But no one seemed to mind as the helpful mates encouraged the participants in the adventure. One of our seniors caught her very first fish. Prizes were awarded just for fun. For course all of the children were winners.

It is always a part of who we are as a community of faith to provide opportunities that promote the intergenerational building of relationship. Everyone has a place within the family of God. For our children it is just another way in which we encourage them to live and develop the fullness of life that is in Christ Jesus. Sunday School and Sunday worship is important. It is what provides the strength and spiritual substance as we gather to worship in the presence of God, to hear God’s word and partake of the sacraments. But being church is so much more. It is a unity of love that makes us a community. This is just one of many events that nurtures friendships, unity and joy.