Hosting the Presbytery of Long Island

On October 3, 2015, the Brentwood Presbyterian Church hosted the Presbytery of Long Island for a day in which to study, pray and act of issues of social justice advocacy. Our day began with our plenary speaker Dr. Jim Atwood, author of “America and Its Guns”. Throughout the day a diversity of options on sensitive and important issues of these times were discussed. With open minds and prayerful hearts we approached issues such as gun control, community organizing, racism on Long Island, immigration, rural migrant ministries and criminal justice.

Christ calls us as his church to be a voice for those who have no voice, a caring and compassionate outreach to the brokenness of our day and to our neighbors in need. The issues that surround these topics are life affecting matters of justice, peace and mercy. It is our prayer that the wind of God’s Holy Spirit may blow through God’s church and through the peoples of the world that we may practice love, peace and mercy in ways that are tangible and life giving.