Prayer Labyrinth

Nestled among the pine trees on the south side of the church our labyrinth and Prayer Garden welcomes the faithful for times of prayer and meditation.

A labyrinth is both an ancient and a modern classic symbol of journey and spiritual renewal. It is a defined pathway of prayer that twists and turns as it leads the participant to the center and out again. In our hurried pace of 21st century lifestyles, the labyrinth invites and encourages us to slow down and enter a centered place for prayer and meditation that refreshes and renews ones spirit.

Whether the path is entered on a solitary journey or within community worship it is a form of embodied prayer. It is both a physical and a spiritual path. For many the centering practice of labyrinth walking facilitates spiritual enrichment and strength for the journey of life. Here in God’s presence we can surrender our guilt, acknowledge our need and find grace and strength.

Our outdoor labyrinth and Prayer Garden is open to all who wish to engage in prayer and meditation in this sacred space. In addition to its availability for individual prayer and meditation everyone is invited to join with us during community prayer services on July 15th, August 12th and September 9th. All are welcome!