The 223rd General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church

I had the privilege of serving as a commissioner at the 223rd General Assembly. Here is the church at work in the connectional way that unites us as one. We took to the street of St. Joseph, MO, marching to the City Justice Center with $47,200, money collected during our first worship service and used to bail out people incarcerated for minor offences who could not afford to pay their bail or fine.

We dealt with issues of climate change, immigrant parents being separated from their children and gun violence. We sought ways to put our faith into action at the world, national and community levels. Working through the denomination’s Mission Responsibility, Through Investment Committee we will continue corporate engagement with oil and natural gas companies. After long debate it was voted to stay at the table and use investment as leverage for industry change. The assembly votes 484-34 to approve a resolution calling for the immediate end to the government policy of separating parents and children and to place families “under the care of the community” rather than in detention.

These were only a few of the many issues that we wrestled with. As we look to the future we seek to be even more a church the is faithful to the call of Christ to love God and neighbor in word and in deed.