The Journey

A small group of faithful believers gathered by the labyrinth preparing to enter the winding path leading to its center. This symbolic pilgrimage in prayer is an ancient tool to facilitate the quieting of one’s heart that one may swell at its center in stillness before the presence of God.

The journey toward the center is a pathway of confession, a time of surrendering the stress of the day, of letting go by grace of all the things that burden and limit us. With thanksgiving and holy anticipation we stand humbly at the center in God’s abiding love. We lift our hearts, by the ministry of the Holy Spirit, in supplication and expectation. Here we receive by faith the guidance.

Here is the center we turn our heart toward others as we lift up prayers of intercession for our world, the church, and those whom God places in our hearts. Returning to silence we prepare to return to the ordinary experiences of life. With the words of the Lord’s Prayer meditatively spoken in silence we begin the journey outward. Slowly we follow the winding turns preparing to return to the living of each ordinary day in the presence of God as we follow our Lord Jesus Christ that by grace we may remember always “to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with (our) God.” Micah 6: 8

Our next Labyrinth Prayer Service is on August 12, 2015. All are welcome.