Woman’s Guild Communion Breakfast

The Fellowship Hall was alive with the sound of conversation and the aroma of delicious food as women and a few gentlemen guests gathered for the Woman’s Guild Communion Breakfast. This annual event marks the beginning of the church calendar year of events for this dedicated and fun loving group. Our theme was Psalm 1: 1-3 – expressing these thoughts – Blessed are those who trust in the Lord and reflect on his Word. They are like tress planted near streams of water. We can learn a lot from the tress. Trees are beautiful in their diversity and without identity crisis. Each one bears its fruit in season in accordance with the divine plan. Each takes it shape and lifts its arms in praise and sings continuously as the wind rustles its leaves or bends itself in humble adoration. They receive from God their nourishment in accordance with God’s provision and live and die by God’s design. We too are like trees when by grace our roots grow deep into God’s Word and we are nourished by the streams of living water provided by Christ our Lord. We too reflect God’s creative diversity, each unique in beauty and gifts imparted to be shared and bear fruit in the garden of our God. May God continue to bless the women of the Guild and may all that they do prosper to the glory of God. May they encourage each our in faith and cherish each other, all who will be added to their number and all to whom they minister in love. The Woman’s Guild meetings are on the fourth Sunday of each month, after the 10:00am worship service. All are welcome.