Our Statement of Purpose and Values

We are a mosaic community
that reaches out to people in need
so that everyone can become a fully surrendered follower of Jesus Christ.

As we live out this purpose, we hold fast to these values.
We believe that lost people matter to God
and therefore they need to matter to us
and that prayer is the powerhouse of Christian ministry and life.

We believe that the Bible is the authoritative guide for our life and work,
and that we are one body
called to love one another with open and honest communication.

We believe that authenticity frees people and glorifies God
and that the church should be culturally relevant
while remaining theologically faithful.

We believe that full devotion to Christ is the norm of Christian life,
and what we are called to nurture in one another,
and that mission is to the church as fire is to burning.

This is our purpose and these are our values,
and they are the heart and soul of what God is calling us to do
and who God is calling us to be.